My wife's cherished wish comes true

16 Feb 2023

My wife's cherished wish comes true

We are invited to be introduced to a classy meeting where like-minded people attend erotic evenings. All this takes place in a castle where the dress code is based on the parties as they used to be in the highest noble circles. That is to say, the ladies with dresses under which one can wear contemporary lingerie. The gentlemen in formal black and nothing exciting. We are made aware that the introduced ladies are subjected to an experiment where one may indicate what a cherished wish is that one would like to see fulfilled. Because it is strongly erotic and those present within the package of wishes of the lady will make an effort to fulfill it, it is advised to arouse the libido to a certain height when entering the room, so that the game becomes an unforgettable experience. will suffer.

You decide to put on your red dress that was once purchased for a special occasion where the bodice is created as the Dirrndolls common in Germany. These gowns show a showy plunging neckline that turns any man on. To get in the mood, you decide to wear your black stockings with panties of the same color that lack the crotch. I must say you are stunningly beautiful with your updo, make-up and your dress that teasingly lifts you up so I can get a good look at your lips. I grab you by the waist and pull you against me. You kiss me. My hand descends and you stand wide apart to allow me access to your sweet spot and teasingly caress my swollen cock that throbs in my tight black pants.

You whisper in my ear if I have any ideas to make the evening even hornier, because it is the intention that you enter the party fully warmed up and horny. Without saying anything you walk to the cupboard and take out the silent vibrating egg. “What do you think of this?” you ask as you unpack the device and without waiting for my reaction, lift your skirt and carefully insert the egg. The remote control is pressed into my hands as you say…. "Have a blast, but don't embarrass me if there are other people."

I'll test the thing on the pulsating mode. The pulses don't miss the effect and if you moisten your lips with a lusty look with your tongue, it's time to leave. I put the device on the lowest possible setting so that you get horny and wet, but not enough to have an orgasm.

You sit next to me in the car with your legs drawn up while you give me a look at your pussy. With one hand on the wheel, I caress your lips with my right hand and you spread your legs wider as you bend to the side to massage my swollen cock. This is so horny and when I turn the egg up a notch I feel your hand slide into my panties to knead my cock. With a dexterous movement you pull my cock out of my pants and bring your mouth to my throbbing head. To the rhythm of the pulsating egg you move your lips around my throbbing cock. When we arrive at the parking lot where the party is being held, we have to interrupt our horny activities. I zip up my pants and put the toy on stop so that we can regain control of our feelings. Still excited and out of breath we enter the gate where our host is already waiting.

With a voice still trembling with emotion, we greet him and are offered 2 masks. We are supposed to put these on and cover our eyes. Apparently not with the aim of reducing recognisability, but mainly because people can act more freely with the feeling of anonymity. Entirely in medieval clothing style as the nobility probably did hundreds of years ago during their orgy parties. We enter the room with eye-covering masks, join a group of attractive men and women and get a cocktail pressed into our hands. It soon becomes clear that you are the center of the evening, given that a new introduction can fulfill a long-cherished horny wish by way of acceptance. And groups of men and women among those present are likely to take an active part in the fulfillment of your wish.

With the 3rd cocktail, the alcohol starts to work and you move more freely between a group of men. I decide to put the egg back in the first position and under the influence of the vibrations in your pussy the horniness quickly increases. A shuffling record is now played and a man wraps his arms around your waist to move with you to the slow music. Under the influence of the vibrator in your pussy you move lasciviously on the dance floor. Your dance partner lowers his hands to your buttocks and caresses your butt crack ostentatiously. It has the desired effect because you press your body against his and while you look at me you press your pelvis with i

etch spread legs against his thigh .

To the movements of the dance, your pussy rubs his leg and you press your breasts against him. When the music has finished, our host announces that the initiation of you can take place. Apparently your wish has already been discussed because a group of ladies and gentlemen move to a cozy room where a single bed with satin sheets is set up. The luxuriously decorated room is lit with hundreds of candles and soft background music plays from the speakers.

I whisper in your ear that it might be an idea to take the egg out for a while because other tasty things may be done to you now. You seem to take my advice and retreat to the bathroom for a while. Upon your return, I will guide you to the room where those present have now been stripped of their classic clothing. Two ladies and gentlemen with red and white bathrobes gesture you to the bed that has been set up. You are subtly guided without a word to the bed where you are laid on your back while your wrists are secured to the bed with leather straps. Your mask is replaced by a blindfold so that you wait nervously but excitedly in the darkness for what is to come. The 2 ladies have exposed their breasts and are standing at the headboard. Apparently they are going to take care of your upper body while the 2 gentlemen line up at the foot end. The quiet background music and the candlelight in this luxurious environment with the people who are going to give you this experience is exciting. At the signal of our host, the treatment may be started. You are carefully undressed and you lie almost naked on the satin sheet, waiting for what is to come.

Your stockings tightly enclose your delicious legs while the crotchless panties give a nice look at your shaved pussy. Your nipples betray your tense horniness when warm massage oil is sprinkled over your breasts. The ladies massage the oil over your breasts and gently caress your tense nipples.

At the foot end your legs are being worked on. The men teasingly move their tongues up your stockings. Their lips massage the soft flesh to the edge of your panties. The mouth and tongue massage caresses your thighs and makes your body vibrate with excitement. You naturally spread your thighs a bit to feel the mouths in your place. One of the men teasingly runs his tongue gently along the edges of your panties. The touch close to your pussy deepens your breathing and your soft moans betray that you are now defenseless and ready to take it all. You push your hips up hoping to feel a tongue on your pussy. The pleasure intensifies when one of the women works your hard nipples with her mouth. Her full lips and tongue massage your nipples as the other woman's red fingernails move gently up your belly. Your wish to be spoiled by several people seems to be fulfilled and does not leave the others untouched either. Four hands slide up your stockings and grab the edges to gently pull them down. The soft flesh of your beautifully tanned thighs becomes visible. The sight of your thighs still spread and your pussy shining with moisture from the open crotch panties does not leave the men unmoved. The contours of their erect cocks betray their excitement. Involuntarily I think of what you would be like if your cousin was blindfolded and your hands were free. You probably already slipped your fingers under the robes to massage their erect member and balls and showed your pussy to get one of the cocks between your wet lips as quickly as possible. Now you are bound and you have to let others touch your body without being able to let go of your own lusts.

Your lower body and legs are drizzled with copious and warm massage oil that runs down your panties over your swollen wet pussy. Four hands clasp your legs and slide up the tops of your legs with the thumbs. Your legs are gently massaged so that the thumbs stop just at the edge of your panties or touch your lips in a subtle and caressing way. The red nails occasionally disappear teasingly into your panties and caress your belly without touching your pussy. The massage of the hands moves to the inner side of your thighs. The men are now on opposite sides of the bed.

While their hands caress your thighs, you automatically spread your thighs to the maximum. In the dark you undergo these touches and you can no longer control yourself. The mouths now alternately slide down your thighs and their tongues touch the soft flesh. One of the men gently slides his cock along your bound hand. Your fingers try to catch the touch so that you can also actively enrich your pleasure. The man opens his bathrobe to stretch his cock a bit more

space and briefly massages his cock with copious oil and pushes it against your hand. Eagerly your fingers enclose and knead the throbbing cock.

He bends over to let his tongue caress your pussy now. His touch on the spot you've been pining for so long sets your body on fire and you jerk your hips up to feel that tongue deep in your pussy. Your fingers clasp the cock that rhythmically jerks you off. Your nipples are kneaded with female mouths that descend down your belly. Red painted nails disappear into your panties and caress your clit. Your pussy juice mixes with the oil that has run into your slit. A man's finger now caresses you along the inside of your open lips. The finger descends further and further into your cave and gives you the pleasure you so long for. The game is stepped up and two men's hands strip you of your wet panties. When you pull up your knees and spread your legs further, a warm oil trail runs down your thighs and your pussy into your butt crack. The warm oil drips down your asshole and the man runs his finger over it to distribute the oil evenly.

While a woman's hand massages your clit, a man's tongue touches your pussy lips and a man's finger massages your slippery asshole. When fingers penetrate your pussy and asshole with pulsating movements at the same time, you wriggle your body moaning loudly. You try to pull your hands free to be able to jerk the cock to its fullest extent and you would prefer to have it in your mouth now to be able to suck on the cock.

As if your thoughts are being heard, one of the men removes the straps and you have your hands free. While you pull the cock with one hand, the man rhythmically moves his hips to the movements of your hand. When you turn your head the other man pushes his cock into your mouth which you slide greedily between your lips . Painted nails slide down the inner thighs to your holes and slide deep inside you. Your first orgasm comes and the moment you come, one of the women penetrates you with a vibrating vibrator that slides deep between your lips and induces an endless orgasm in you. Your hips jerk and you moan loudly as you try to jerk and suck the cocks at the same time.

When the orgasm slowly fades away, your cunt still feels hot and horny. You're far from done and screaming that you want to get fucked hard. Two strong men's hands lift you off the bed while the other man lies on his back. You find his lips and let your tongue explore his mouth. With one hand you find his cock and push it in the direction of your open cunt lips.

Gently the cock slides deep into you without much effort. Your ass is willingly available and the other man gently pushes a finger in a little. The rhythmic movements with which you push the cock into you also make the finger slide deeper into your asshole. Women's hands knead your breasts and you see that one of the ladies is penetrating her cunt with a vibrator with her legs wide apart. Her gasps and moans drown out the sopping noises coming from your pussy. Fingers slide smoothly into your asshole to the movements of the fucking. The other man sits behind you and pushes his cock against your ass which willingly lets it in. Softer he moves his lower body and his cock slides deeper and deeper into you. You gasp as both cocks slide deep inside you at the same time.

The rhythmic movements accelerate and you feel an orgasm like you've never had before. Your pussy and ass muscles contract and massage the cocks. The men are also about to spray their horny seed deep inside you. Loud moaning and wildly jerking you come and feel the jerking movements of the men that they discharge their semen into you. While you feel the bodily fluids squirt into you, the orgasms follow in quick succession and then slowly fade away.