John and Kate discover the sex cinemas

16 Feb 2023

John and Kate discover the sex cinemas

Kate and I are colleagues, but in addition to the collegiate contacts, we have also had a relationship for almost six years. That relationship started turbulent and that has not really stopped. In addition to discovering each other and good sex, we have continued to look for contacts with others. We first posted photos on a dating site. Not recognizable of course, but otherwise everything clearly visible.

We got a lot of horny reactions to that. Through such a website, we were invited to Kik by a couple. There the contact all became a bit more personal. We once accepted an invitation to visit a sex shop in Apeldoorn together. There the ladies tried on lingerie before our very eyes. Only the horny shop owner was bold enough to “straighten” the sets. Of course he touched a little more than strictly necessary. Also nice, but unfortunately it didn't get any further than this. We wanted more. Just real sex. For example, we searched on various websites and came into contact with various men who wanted something private. That still turned out to be not very reliable. Still, it paid off.

The last of the three men pointed out to us the existence of sex cinemas. Anonymous, lots of sex and safe. That seemed like something to us. So we first started our adventures on the chat of one of the cinemas. And that was it for a long time. Because it also raised a lot of questions. What if someone else touches you? How do I feel about that? Will we not lose each other or will we become very jealous. By talking about it a lot, the picture slowly but surely became clearer about what we could and couldn't find. In the course of our adventures, we notice that we like more and more and also feel good about it. After all, horniness also stretches the boundaries a bit.

This is how our first sex cinema adventure started in Rotterdam. There is a small sex shop with a mini cinema. The maximum number of visitors is limited to 7. There are no more seats. We first look around the store a bit hesitantly and then decide to buy a ticket for the cinema. A friendly older man behind the counter gives us towels and condoms.

When we walk through the curtain, we enter a very dimly lit room with two screens. Sex for men is shown on one screen, while the straight sex film is shown on the next screen. When our eyes have adjusted to the light a bit, we see three men sitting next to each other. They sit with their pants down and gently tug on their cocks. They look at us with some surprise. We only learned at the end that women rarely come here. The astonishment of the neighbor quickly gives way to a lot of enthusiasm. He immediately makes room for us to sit next to him. Still, Kate first stays (safely) in front of me so that we can kiss easily. In the meantime I can undo her buttons.

First I give her breasts space. The neighbor watches and also carefully feels and bites her nipples. I then move on to her pants and panties. When they are pulled out, the neighbor almost explodes with horniness. He's not the only one. His hands go to Kate's buttocks while I grab her clit. This way the neighbor can continue to her pussy with his hands. He does his best and it doesn't take long before Kate comes panting and moaning. The horn runs down her legs. I also get upset about this and drop my pants. Kate helps the last bit with my boxer and sees my cock standing on end. The neighbor sees that too, takes my cock and pulls it along Kate's pussy and clit. Again she comes violently.

She is then shaking on her legs and, before she falls over, quickly takes a place between the neighbor and me on the couch. The neighbor and I pull her legs wide. This way the neighbor has ample access to Kate's pussy. He knows what to do with it. He fingers her with a lot of passion and makes her cum. Then I'll take over from him. She cums squirting.

When Kate has caught her breath again, she takes the cock of the neighbor and me and starts jerking us off together. It doesn't take me long before the semen spurts out. It takes a little longer at the neighbor's. Then we cleaned up a bit and got dressed again.

The other two men are still watching the film as they did at the beginning. They tug on their own cock or each other's but have little regard for all the action that has taken place right next to them. Well, we had a really good time.

On the way back we decide to go to the erotheque in Amsterdam next time.